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RSI provides bilingual consulting and IT services that are tailored to your needs. We can assist you with everything from implementation to decommissioning both in Japan and abroad. We pride ourselves with being able to keep communication clear by eliminating the language and cultural barrier that often occurs in the Japanese data center market, bringing every aspect of the IT Infrastructure together seemingly. 

We have three main categories that encompass all aspects of our data center and IT consulting services.

Information technology consulting services

RSI is proud of operating on the edge of the technological frontier. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and increase both social welfare and our client's returns. We can assist you in reimagining your operations in order to fit the new generation of the Internet of Things and smart devices. 

data center development

Our data center management service can assist with the implementation and operation of your data center needs. Much is spoken of Cloud computing, but it is important to understand that even the operations in the cloud require infrastructure on the ground. From small to large data centers, RSI can assist you every step of the way. Such as finding a colocation site, equipment selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of all devices.

data center and IT management

Our IT management service is focused on your general office IT needs. Outsourcing the IT challenges to specialized teams like RSI, you can focus on your mission is always the best idea.  Let us worry about your IT environment, we provide help desk support, facility management, administrative support, etc. We strive to keep your office IT equipment running properly so that your business runs smoothly. 

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RSI is proud to provide a range of services in the data center industry, from planning and construction to operations and management.
Our bilingual services cover every aspect of network and data processing services. We can help you integrate your solutions into the future of computing.