Data Center & IT Management

We offer various workplace support for all your office IT needs. The integration of new systems, relocation, addressing any onsite issues, or any other IT projects you may need 24/7/365. Offices have varying IT needs such as setting up new printers, IP phones, and security devices. We are always on call ready to support you in keeping your business running smoothly without having to worry about IT problems.

We use the latest DCIM practices to keep maximum uptime for all your systems. One of the ways we do this is calculating your PUE and assisting with upgrades if you are not meeting your requirements.

Remote Hands Service

We also provide a 24/7/365 remote hands service for the Installation, relocation, operation, and break-fix of all your IT devices (Servers, network devices, cabling, etc) to maintain your systems. Our engineers will always be in constant contact with you during the remote hand services in case any changes occur during any services. This allows operations to occur seamlessly across the world without concerns for time zone differences.


Logistical Support

We can assist you in handling all of your shipping needs. From the assistance of receiving your equipment to shipping it out in case of RMA or moving equipment to a different location. RSI also operates as your local assistance for locating and providing the best IT Machines


Data Center Evaluation

We evaluate data centers based on the Japan Data Center Council’s facility standards (J-tier) and PUE calculation methods. We have an extensive track record and a strong awareness of the current requirements necessary to implement environmental impact reduction. Our strength lies in building your operation for market competitiveness while validating these evaluation guidelines.

  • facility standard evaluation
  • PUE calculation support
  • Document, design, and site inspection



This can include standardizing or upgrading various facilities such as HVAC, Electric, and Fire prevention systems to mitigate and prevent potential problems.

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