RSI provides the backbone infrastructure for processing the data on the edges of the Network, closers to the final user and where they are being created.

Micro data center solution

Micro data centers appear to be a rapid and cost-efficient approach to alleviate the ever-increasing demand for data centers and the need for their omnipresence in the edge computing ecosystem.

If you need a scalable data center optimized for edge computing but have limited time and resources to construct a building-type data center, we can provide you a solution that aims to offer colocation micro data centers for a better and cost-effective edge computing application. RSI’s Solution encompasses all of your needs and can be leased on a dedicated or colocation basis. Our Micro Data Center is ideal to be deployed on the edge of computing nodes, closer to resource-dense midpoints, working alongside traditional data centers in a strategy to bring processing power closer to the end-users.

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