What is DCIM?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is the data center management system utilizing enterprise-class software. DCIM provides a platform to manage physical and digital assets, environmental and technical systems, and workload placement at your data center.

Why is DCIM essential?

DCIM covers all aspects of data center infrastructure in terms of management. Tools and solutions included in the DCIM software automate time-consuming tasks such as collecting data throughout the infrastructure to help data center managers effectively and efficiently manage the data center.

DCIM software provides a complete suite of tools and solutions to manage data center infrastructure across different locations and systems. By that, the software automates labor-intensive activities such as workflow management, provides audit trails, and improves visibility across IT, building management systems (BMS), and business systems, maximizing data center utilization and efficiency.

How can DCIM help me?

DCIM software allows data center managers to effectively manage, monitor, visualize and analyze all data center-related concerns to make informed decisions.

RSI's DCIM service

RSI’s DCIM service assists you with monitoring the expected level of indicators of your data center.

While the data center infrastructure is a complex system in itself, the DCIM software and monitoring all the readings simultaneously may seem even more challenging to manage. Our data center operation staff experienced in using DCIM software is alert at all times and takes care of any anomalies at the time of occurrence.

Our DCIM service is particularly popular with container data centers, which usually have no 24/7 onsite operation staff. RSI’s 24/7 operation staff can take care of your data center at any location and keep it at its maximum uptime.

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