container data center solution



micro data center solution


If you need a scalable data center optimized for edge computing but have limited time and resources to construct a building-type data center, we can provide you a solution which aims to offer colocation micro data centers for a better and cost-effective edge computing application. You could therefore rent a full solution is provided as colocation at edge computing nodes stations and centralized cloud as well, where are deployed small and distributed data centers that provide resource-dense midpoint strategically located within the edge ecosystem.

on-board server for self-driving cars

The combination of Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and Ultra High-Speed connections will provide the opportunity for an unimaginable reality in the edge computing ecosystem. The amount of data generated by autonomous cars is estimated at 4TB per hour. Upcoming technologies enabling edge computing to process this huge amount of data, run analytics and store efficiently are demanding mainly in terms of computational power and cooling capacity of onboard computing servers. Advances in technology have made it possible to design more and more powerful and effective on-board systems for electric vehicle.

If you need a high-performance system for the automotive vehicle equipped with an efficient cooling and heat exhaustion system, then you are at the right place.


株式会社RSIは、データセンター業界において、企画・建設から運用・管理まで、さまざまなサービスを提供致します。 ネットワークとデータ処理サービスのあらゆる側面を当社のバイリンガルサービスにお任せください。 お客様のソリューションをコンピューティングの未来に統合するお手伝いをいたします。