The combination of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Ultra-High-Speed connections will provide the opportunity for a new future. RSI is ready to provide the tools and infrastructure for this new reality. Just picture a future where every possible device is not only connected but intelligent, this could provide society the chance for unimaginable progress.

In order for this to come true, however, we still need to build the infrastructure. Right now, we have the change to pave the road that mankind will trail for the next decades or centuries. And all the technology is already available, the question is how to put it to use.

RSI can assist you in improving your business by tapping into the infinite potential of those future technologies. We can assist you in planning and innovating your existing solutions to fit the next technological generation. Our solutions build an infrastructure where other technologies can develop. See a few examples below.

From the vacuum cleaner to the fridge and the curtains, future homes will be smart through and through.
RSI’s solution can allow for a decentralized processing close to the source. This can provide a computational offloading, increasing the whole network efficiency.
With over a 1GB being processed per second, autonomous vehicles will be required dedicated servers.
RSI’s solution can be scaled up to fit on the chassis of a sports car or across the city blocks for a redundant process with low latency.
Augmented reality uses a combination of sensors to analyze and enhance the experience of the world. This real-time application currently requires a lot of processing power, and it’s expected to increase even more as the technology develops.
RSI Solution provides computational power for it.
Much more than just traffic, every aspect of a city can be digitally transformed by a Web Infrastructure of edge devices helping process the data that will bring convenience and well-being to every citizen.
RSI’s solutions can be dispatched to every corner of the city, improving connectivity and efficiency.
The development of E-sports as a serious and competitive modality for the new generations has been pushing the limits of computer processing and networks across the globe.
Our solution can be placed close to arenas and tournaments in order to assist with the game’s performance.

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RSI is proud to provide a range of services in the data center industry, from planning and construction to operations and management.
Our bilingual services cover every aspect of network and data processing services. We can help you integrate your solutions into the future of computing.