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reducing latency

When the speed of light is the limitation, the only way to speed up communication is by bringing it closer.
In networks, Latency is the time it takes between a request is sent and a response received. As more data is generated at the edge of the network and at higher speeds, it demands quicker responses, so latency starts to become a big issue.
RSI solution can be placed across several locations which allow for closer proximity between the user and the processing unit. This allows for a significant reduction in the distance the data needs to travel.


Freeing bandwidth

When we have devices closer, network bandwidth is freed-up since the information doesn’t have to travel long distances.
Another important aspect of telecommunication, bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred in a channel in a due time. With the analogy of bandwidth as a highway, we can imagine that by making it easier for the data to exit that highway, we can free-up lanes.
This proximity helps also with the operation of telecommunications such as 5G internet, which operates on short-range broadbands that can travel only shorter distances due to interference.

Edge computers & devices

Edge Devices are the equipment used in everyday life that generates and uses data in order to make our lives more convenient. These devices however, are often small and even portable, therefore they normally do not have enough processing and electrical power for performing all its computations.

In order to circumvent this issue, Edge Infrastructure can be placed in between the data creating devices and data centers. There, edge computers can help to process the data necessary for the proper function freeing the overall network since the information does not need to be transferred great distances anymore.

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