Since RSI’s establishment as an independent consultancy firm in 2006, we have built up our expertise working on various data center projects with clients in Japan and abroad, always incorporating cutting-edge trends. RSI has been successful in the difficult task of acting as coordinator between IT and facilities and as a solution provider even for sophisticated demands from overseas, and we will continue to build on our strengths and provide high-quality consulting services focused on data centers.

Hideo Sugiura



Hideo Sugiura

“With integrity” is a principle we have adhered to since our beginnings, and our first and foremost goal as professionals has always been to provide the best solutions to meet client needs.

Thus, we will continue to strive to provide swift and optimal advice and solutions to address various issues that may occur in our clients’ projects and daily operations, so that we may enjoy a mutually successful future together.

For this ultimate goal, RSI undertakes projects with a sense of commitment and expertise, and this is why we are determined to deliver consistent quality services to our clients.

Because all RSI consultants share and believe these principles, we can propose solutions and support, always thinking of what is best for our clients, which enables us to promise success.

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Hideo Sugiura


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RSI is proud to provide a range of services in the data center industry, from planning and construction to operations and management.
Our bilingual services cover every aspect of network and data processing services. We can help you integrate your solutions into the future of computing.