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data center construction and design

Explore our data center construction and design services ranging from office-sized projects to the Tier 4 data center buildings.

data center operations

From remote hands services to managing your delivery – we will take care of it for you. Learn more about the data center operations we provide and choose what you want us to take care of for you.

data center due diligence

Understanding the nature of a deal, the state of a facility, and local standards benefits both the investor and seller in terms of risk reduction and whether the deal matches the portfolio.

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advanced cooling system sola™

Behold Sola™ – the two-phase immersion cooling technology. Find out about our innovative, greener and space-effective approach to cooling.

micro data center

Our solution that aims to offer colocation micro data centers for a better and cost-effective edge computing application.

container data center

Building a scalable, mobile and ubiquitous data center in addition to the basic functions of building-type traditional data centers? Check out our solution.

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RSI is proud to provide a range of services in the data center industry, from planning and construction to operations and management.
Our bilingual services cover every aspect of network and data processing services. We can help you integrate your solutions into the future of computing.