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Future Application

We are creating the infrastructure of edge computers for the future.


RSI’s solution immerses the devices on a dielectric liquid that removes the heat from the components in the most efficient way, without the use of outside air.

This solution uses a two-phase cooling method, in which the liquid evaporates and is cooled back again inside the system by a chiller. This allows us a much better heat dissipation without losing liquid to the outside environment.

This technology removes the need for fans or outside air-conditioning, reducing the energy expenditure overall and increasing the cooling capacity.


RSI has proposed a revolutionary server architecture that can provide more processing power, using the benefits of immersion cooling. The effectiveness in dissipating heat from the components allows us to compact the components closer without the risk of overheating. Not only that, but the Immersion cooling solution operates safely in much higher electric power, this means that RSI servers can cluster several racks worth of processing power into a single tank.

This allows us to easily scale the capacity and the size of the tank to operate on traditional data center room or much smaller spaces as inside of a vehicle.

Data Center Consulting

RSI is proud to provide all range of services in the Data Center Industry, from planning and construction, all the way to operations and management. 

RSI has over a decade of experience in the market, with a multilingual, we can provide a 24hour service covering all your necessities. We can assist you in preparing, building, or managing your office IT equipment to the Data Center as a whole.

RSI services cover every aspect of Network and Data Processing Services. We can help you integrate your solutions to the future of computing.

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